Science vs Belief: Nate Silver and the US Presidential Election

        i.            Nate Silver and the ‘two cultures’ Despite finding myself enraged on a daily basis, I just couldn’t drag myself away from the US election coverage. The naked rancour that now dominates US politics made for compelling, if infuriating, viewing; toxic spin, not policy, seemed to be the weapon of choice. Though it came […]

Spurious Correlations

The Washington Redskins versus the Carolina Panthers is not usually a match-up liable to generate much excitement beyond the supporters of the two teams involved; this Sunday’s game, however, is different. As the final Redskins home game before the US presidential election it will be followed by many not even interested in American Football. Because you can forget […]

The bookies, the bookish and the Booker

Booker Prize season, the autumn ritual when literary fiction temporarily breaks out of its arts ghetto onto the news pages, is almost over. Tonight at London’s Guildhall, nearly three months after the longlist was announced, the 2012 prize will be awarded and all the manufactured controversies – has the Booker become too mainstream, too elitist, […]

Patrick Murray Articles

While working as an odds compiler for Blue Square I also wrote a weekly column for the Guardian website from 2000 to 2002 (with occasional guest appearances thereafter). Not wishing to alert the other bookies to the fact  I was working in the industry for fear they’d restrict my betting accounts, I used the pseudonym Patrick Murray. A […]